Underarms, Catamarans and Food Poisonings

Haddin is either a cheat or not fit to keep wicket

It is fortunate New Zealand won in Perth last night. Had they not, Black Cap fans would be understandably pissed off, following Brad Haddin’s disgusting and desperate dismissal of Neil Broom.

Haddin is adamant the ball came off the wickets into his gloves, despite the ball clearly missing the bails, which were only dislodged because his gloves hit them on the way back from being in front of the stumps. It is obvious Haddin knew he had dislodged the bails not the ball as it is evident in his reaction. If Haddin really believes he did not hit the bails then he is visually impaired and not fit to keep wicket at international level.

For Haddin and his captain Ricky Ponting to call into question Daniel Vettori’s honesty is disgusting and cowardly. To label Vettori’s comments “poor” and “low” is hypocritical and indicative of a man with no integrity. Vettori is not the only one critical of Haddin’s actions, and was careful with his words at the post match press conference. Even the Australian commentators at the time noticed something was amiss. Most it appears believe Haddin was in the wrong and he should man up and admit it.

Australia are in decline and getting desperate. Ricky Ponting has been shown up as an average captain and the team is suffering without a few exceptional  players. Fair play and Australian cricket have never gone together, but this incident shows the team has lost the plot. If there was any integrity Cricket Australia should demand Haddin and Ponting apologise to Vettori and Broom. I doubt this will be forthcoming.

Australia’s sporting demise is enjoyable for all sports fans aroundthe world who have tired of their arogance and lack of fair play. Watching them resort to cheating and lying as they lose to all and sundry makes their decline all the more enjoyable. Long may it continue while their morals remain in the gutter.


Aussie Rules: A game of gulls, small shorts and bouncing balls on a cricket pitch
October 4, 2008, 10:38 am
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By Te Waha Nui‘s weird Australian sports correspondents (Angela Beswick, Paul Harper and Wesley Monts)

Last Saturday our nation gathered around screens in pubs and living rooms across the country to see the Warriors fall to Manly in the NRL semifinal.

Hours earlier 100,012 fans of a different sort gathered in a stadium in Melbourne to watch a very different sport.

The ball was still oval, but then so was the field. The players wore singlets and the tiniest of shorts. The game was Aussie Rules and this was the AFL Grand Final. Continue reading

Warriors advanced in the most complicated finals system ever!
September 19, 2008, 9:59 pm
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Although I’m not the hugest league fan, I am quickly becoming one. Watching the Warriors in the last few months striving their way to the finals has provided more excitement than the Air New Zealand Cup. The team’s exploits are the best advertisements a sport could have. One week on from taking down Melbourne, the Warriors topped that victory with a fantastic come from behind win against Sydney to win 30-13 and advance to the next round against Manly. The headlines have been priceless, “Warriors weather Storm” and “Warriors cook chooks”, so I cannot wait to see what we will be said if the Warriors beat the Sea Eagles.

So league is definitely looking good in my books (sexual assault allegations and defections aside). But what the hell is with the play off system? Does anyone understand it?

Continue reading

Good week to be a Kiwi sports fan!

First New Zealander Scott Dixon wraps up the Indycar Championship on Monday, capping off an incredible season. Then the All Blacks retain the two most important trophies in Southern hemisphere rugby, with a brilliant 28-24 comeback win in Brisbane. Then the Warriors do the unthinkable and topple favourites Melbourne in the NRL 18-15, to go through to play the Roosters at home next weekend. Not a bad week of sports at all.

What was impressive about the Warriors and the All Blacks was how they won. The All Blacks fell behind with the Wallabies scoring on both sides of half time and the Australians could have run away with the game. But the New Zealanders just dug deeper and had more to offer than the Australians, who lost their momentum. The Australians looked like they had no answer, despite knowing what we were going to do! It looked edgy when the Wallabies scored late, but we held on for a deserved win. Despite early hiccups in the competition, the All Blacks were easily the best and most consistent team in the Tri Nations. With so many talented players playing overseas at the moment, the future of New Zealand rugby is looking bright, especially considering some of the skilled players coming up domestically. Just wait till our Europe based players come home!

Level on points at half time, the Warriors always were in with a chance of causing the upset, but the safe money would be with the in form Storm. To use the cliche – someone obviously did not show the Warriors the script. They were staunch on defense repelling wave after wave of Storm attack, whilst at the other end, the Warriors came so close to scoring on several occasions. A drop goal with quarter of an hour to go looked like it would be enough for Melbourne to be victorious until an awesome break saw Michael Witt score in the 78 minute. First time ever that eighth place has beaten first in the NRL finals. Bring on the Roosters!

Despite what some may say, New Zealanders don’t choke on the big occasions, in these cases they knuckled down. Sure we might fall at the last hurdle sometimes, but that’s sports, you can’t win them all. But when you play with the determination and passion that both teams showed this weekend, you give yourself a good chance of coming away on top.

Handball? WTF!

It is only every four years New Zealanders see the sport of handball on their televisions, with viewers split over whether its a great skillful entertaining sport, or bastard-game suited solely for 5th form PE. I would say I’ve moved from the latter to the former, particularly after speaking to the Secretary General of the New Zealand Handball Federation Frank Stoltenberg. Here is the full version (it got cut for space. Damned subs!) of the story I wrote for Te Waha Nui, on the sport of handball in New Zealand. Continue reading

Thank God it’s Saturday!
The medal table’s looking bare and the trophy cabinet runs the risk of being cleared out. Tonight that could all change. New Zealand sportsmen and women in Beijing to Cape Town are carrying the weight of a nation. Hopes are high, but so are the stakes. New Zealand is currently engaged in the four yearly “where are the medals?” debate and only several successes tonight will ease the nation’s collective anxiety. So what are our chances? Continue reading

Oh yeah, the Olympics are on!

How damn slack am I? I’ve gone and started a sports blog and I haven’t posted once during the Olympics. I have been busy, I assure you, so let me catch up. This is what I would’ve been posting. Continue reading