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Silver lining on a deflated black cloud/The art of losing
July 12, 2008, 10:23 pm
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I’m gutted about last night’s All Black loss to the Springboks, but remarkably less disappointed than I thought I’d be. I really did think they would win comfortably, but in the end our lack of depth was showing. And we did not expect Januarie to come up with that try!

So our record 30 home game winning streak is over, as is our 10 year stretch of home wins against the formitable Springboks. Worse still, we have let the South Africans feel like worthy world cup winners! But it is not all bad. There are some silver linings. And hey, we’ve been winning in the republic constantly over the last 10 years, so it is long overdue the Springboks fronted up over here!

At the end of the day, the All Blacks losing is good for the game. There would be very little international interest in the game if the number one rated team always won, and especially if we had dominated at World Cup time too. Football is such a popular international sport because in any given tournament several teams could realistically win. That is not the case with rugby. And the tournaments are less interesting because of it. No rugby world cup has matched a football world cup for excitement, especially as the play becomes less open come knockout time. Anyway.

Losing occasionally is also good for us fans. To be honest, I enjoy supporting the Blackcaps more than the All Blacks, because the cricketers are not expected to win, but it is awesome when they do, especially against good opposition. When you support the All Blacks, you expect them to win, because they usually do. So when they win, there is very little elation, and when they lose, there is devastation. It is irrational. Not that we should get used to losing, but we should not take winning for granted. Perhaps this is why other fans label All Black fans arrogant. Beating the crap out of every team in between world cups would make any fan expect victory every time. Maybe the occasional loss might even help us come cup time. Our young inexperienced team can certainly do with not taking victory for granted. So the occasional loss is good for the team too. Just not too often!

And that, my friends, is why we let the Springboks win last night!


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