Underarms, Catamarans and Food Poisonings

Oh yeah, the Olympics are on!

How damn slack am I? I’ve gone and started a sports blog and I haven’t posted once during the Olympics. I have been busy, I assure you, so let me catch up. This is what I would’ve been posting.

Opening Ceremony: Couldn’t be arsed watching it. It was mainly fake anyway, wasn’t it! Yes the performance is impressive and the fireworks incredible, but the Olympics are about sports. And I can’t help but wonder if the money could be spent better, especially in China. Alright this isn’t an ethics blog, I’ll leave the bleeding heart ethics for my other blog!

New Zealand’s lack of medals: We always get so caught by our lack of podium finishes and Beijing is no exception. But we usually take our time. So calm down. Stop debating whether our athletes “don’t want it enough”, or that we don’t put enough pressure on them or whatever. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to win, or at least beat their personal bests. And they likely put more pressure on themselves then four million Kiwis ever could.

New Zealand highlight so far: Moss Burmeister. Despite a disappointing fourth, the New Zealand was beating the freak Michael Phelps at one point. So credit where it is due. He left everything in the pool and could not have given more. I hope Phelps doesn’t get his eight and I hoped it would be the Kiwi who would deprive him of the achievement. It wasn’t to be, but I’m proud nonetheless.

Despite the men getting smashed by Brazil and the women getting smashed by the USA, I was impressed with both the football teams performing. Both teams were unlucky not to win against Asian competition in their first games, but they should a lot of talent and passion, which was pleasing to see.

The equestrian was disappointing, but that’s sports. There is a lot of talent on our team and it is unfortunate the team could not come through for us. It only takes one fall.

Hockey has been a mixed bag, as has the rowing.

I’ll wait for after tonight before I write off New Zealand’s Beijing Olympic Games. Kia Kaha Kiwi!


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