Underarms, Catamarans and Food Poisonings

Handball? WTF!

It is only every four years New Zealanders see the sport of handball on their televisions, with viewers split over whether its a great skillful entertaining sport, or bastard-game suited solely for 5th form PE. I would say I’ve moved from the latter to the former, particularly after speaking to the Secretary General of the New Zealand Handball Federation Frank Stoltenberg. Here is the full version (it got cut for space. Damned subs!) of the story I wrote for Te Waha Nui, on the sport of handball in New Zealand. Continue reading


Thank God it’s Saturday!
The medal table’s looking bare and the trophy cabinet runs the risk of being cleared out. Tonight that could all change. New Zealand sportsmen and women in Beijing to Cape Town are carrying the weight of a nation. Hopes are high, but so are the stakes. New Zealand is currently engaged in the four yearly “where are the medals?” debate and only several successes tonight will ease the nation’s collective anxiety. So what are our chances? Continue reading

Oh yeah, the Olympics are on!

How damn slack am I? I’ve gone and started a sports blog and I haven’t posted once during the Olympics. I have been busy, I assure you, so let me catch up. This is what I would’ve been posting. Continue reading